Logo Mats – Why Are They So Effective?

Your Firm And Brand Will Benefit From The Use Of Logo Mats

Logo mats may be an option for promoting the business that you hadn’t previously considered. These entrance rugs are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials, from coir to rubber-backed, and they may be branded to correspond with the colour scheme of your company. Whether you choose to buy or rent logo mats, your company will receive a variety of benefits from using them that you might not have anticipated.

Logo Mats’ Benefits

When compared to mats without branding, custom logo door mats provide various advantages that more than makeup for the additional cost.

It should come as no surprise that branded business entry mats offer the same advantages as mats without a brand name, including the ability to collect dirt and water and stop the spread of filth and moisture. This lowers the expenses associated with cleaning and increases the level of safety. Other benefits exist.

Increasing One’s Awareness Of One’s Brand

The use of logo entry mats assists in the branding and identification of your company. They provide guests with an exceptional (and professional) first impression, regardless of whether they are customers shopping in your store, guests staying in your hotel, prospective customers or employees seeing your company’s headquarters or branch offices.

Having beautiful mats that have been created at your entryway can help customers remember your company. They contribute to that image to some extent as well.


To get a more personalised and professional appearance, you may choose to coordinate the colour and design of the logo entry mats with the overall aesthetic of your building.

Customers, employees, and others are more likely to trust your company when you use smart-looking branded business mats. If you can successfully manage company entrance mats, people will have greater faith in you.

Logo Mats: Yes Or No? Think About These Things

It is important for entry mats to provide a positive first impression. Think about the following steps:

The Colours Of The Background And The Logo Should Contrast With One Another

The design that you choose for your logo mats should be highlighted. Avoid using dark logos on dark backgrounds if at all possible. Darker carpets disguise dirt. If your company’s logo may have the same colours, you’ll need to hire a designer or a logo mat company. They can give your brand a glistening appearance on industrial carpets.

More With Fewer Resources. Don’t Put Too Many People On Your Welcome Mat At Once

Your company’s welcome mats ought to feature a line or two of warm greetings. When there are more letters and more information, it becomes less obvious. Therefore, make succinctness your goal. Maintain a modest use of patterns so that they do not distract from the message that your logo is trying to convey.

There is a possibility that a more intricate design in a spa may make the ambience noisier.



Think about the best location for your doormats. Coir logo mats are more long-lasting and will trap dirt when guests wash their feet on them when they are put outside your front entrance. Although mats made with branded coir may be more expensive, they have a longer lifespan than mats made of other materials. In some circumstances, you could be looking for vivid and attention-grabbing custom mats.


For Logo Mats, You May Either Get In Touch With Us Or Buy Them Online

Ultimate Mats sells commercial entry mats online. Carpets that are custom-fitted to your space might be the ideal complement to your design. Additionally, we collaborate with high-end companies. Fitted mats and attachments designed to stop “creeping” are both offered by several manufacturers of fitness and other leisure equipment. Chemicals for removing stains are offered by our company.

Our organisation has been around for twenty years. Call our friendly and knowledgeable team to explore the possibility of having logo mats cut to your exact specifications. We can make your flooring more sanitary, safe, and conducive to the growth of your business.

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